Thursday, 9 February 2017

The treaty Of Waitangi!

Kia Orana, for the last few days room 7 has been working on The Treaty Of Waitangi and Why they needed The Treaty Of Waitangi.

The Treaty Of Waitangi!

The Treaty Of Waitangi was first signed on 6 February 1840. It was signed by the representatives of the British Crown and various Maori chiefs from the north island of New Zealand. It was resulted in the declaration of British sovereignty over New Zealand lieutenant governor William Hobson in May 1840.

What I didn't know?
I didn't know that William Hobson was one of the Pakeha people who signed the treaty.
I didn't know that Queen Elizabeth and her husband related.

What I did know?
I knew that The Treaty was signed 6 February 1840.
I knew that it was signed in North island of New Zealand.

The signing of the Treaty Of Waitangi.

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