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Homework: Treaty Of Waitangi!

Homework: Waitangi Day!

Maori Perspective.
Pakeha Perspective.
What do the Maori's think about the treaty of Waitangi?
Some of the  Maori's think that the treaty of Waitangi shouldn’t have happened.
Maori’s said that the only reason why they wanted the treaty was because the Pakeha people said that they will give the Maori's some their treasure for some of their land.
The Maori's also think that they shouldn’t have had it because a couple of chiefs went into the Pakeha and told them where to go so that they can steal more land and kill more people.
What I think about the Maori perspective since i’m Maori: I think that the Maori’s shouldn’t and should at the same time No because they should've known that the Pakeha were trying to take most of the land. Yes because the Pakeha were also nice in the beginning when they were thinking about having the treaty of  Waitangi.

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What do the Pakeha think of the treaty of Waitangi?
I think the Pakeha people wanted to have the treaty of Waitangi so that they can have most of the south and north island of New Zealand. Pakeha wanted to own New Zealand. I think that that’s why they are tryna kill the Maori’s. They think that the treaty of Waitangi should happen because they know that if they keep on giving the chiefs treasure then they will keep telling them where all of the good hiding spots are to try and kill the Maori people. The Pakeha might of given the Maori’s alcohol, marijuana and drugs maybe weapons because they knew that Maori’s got into the habit of drinking and smoking. The Pakeha owned a lot of the the Maori’s land and most of it wasn't even enough for the Pakeha. I think that they are doing something to Hone Heke so that he can tell William Hobson to keep being the president. Image result for why the pakehas needed waitangi

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